Senior Housing

Carefree Development has been in the senior housing industry since the early nineties.

The firm, while doing business as American Housing Partners, was the first in Illinois to take advantage of funds made available through the Federal Tax Credit Program to finance the construction of affordable senior housing.

Carefree Development and its partners have been a pioneer in the development of independent senior living facilities throughout the Chicagoland area. Each community is strategically located within walking distance to shopping centers, grocery stores and more to ensure each resident can live well independently.

Over the years, Carefree has learned the key to making any project successful is to pay attention to the details. The intricacies of building an independent living facility requires a full understanding of the market's needs.

This understanding starts with a careful integration of many moving parts that involve the selection of the right subcontractors, architects and investors. Ultimately, the success or failure of a project is knowing who can (and can't) get the job done - and this takes many years to learn.

Carefree Development, LLC & Carefree Management, LLC and its principals will continue searching for markets where options for seniors living on fixed incomes are limited.

Freedom Village was the first independent senior living facility developed of the six and was placed on the cover of Equity magazine.

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What starts as a simple rendering turns into a warm and cozy home for those at Poplar Creek Village.

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Carefree Development, LLC properties are managed and cared for by Carefree Senior Services, LLC and Carefree Management, LLC.