Why Affordable?

We know how important it is to find the right fit.

rentals in suburbs of chicago for seniors

We have found that residents come to us looking to continue living a valued and fulfilling life. This is a new chapter in their lives and a revitalization of independence.

Our communities are designed so our residents can enjoy the freedom, convenience and privacy every person deserves. Our properties are conveniently located within walking distance to grocery stores, pharmacies, shops and more. Residents can enjoy dining with friends, visiting with grandchildren, going on group outings or just relaxing at home.

housing for elderly affordable

All Carefree Development and Carefree Management properties have been built and designed for those seeking a place they would be happy to call home while remaining affordable.

apartment housing for elderly

Carefree Development, LLC properties are managed and cared for by Carefree Senior Services, LLC and Carefree Management, LLC.